The Oaks through the seasons

In Spring clumps of daffodils & pockets of primroses scatter over the undulating grass between the house and the field.

The Wood is carpeted with bluebells and ferns begin to unfurl.   Birds sing and crows scatter twigs, nest building ferociously.

Summer brings the buzz of crickets and flutter of butterflies to the field.

Breakfast *2
Drinks Time 🙂
Challenges - seeing the beauty of the prickles!
Challenges – looking at the beauty of the prickles!

Autumn heralds the season of golden leaves, thistle seed heads and the immense task of leaf collection.

Squirrel's Store
Squirrel’s Store
Breakfast *3
Leaves aren’t the only crispy things in the autumn!

With winter comes possibility of snow.

The peace that that white carpet brings – alerting all to the fact that nature has called closing time; the hungry robin & bunnies never far from the terrace.

Tiny bunnies in the winter / spring will soon double or more in size!
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