Tea Time Treasure

As a volunteer ‘host’ for Contact the Elderly, we have the total pleasure of offering occasional tea parties for local elderly people. It is such a pleasure and privilege – guests come with their volunteer ‘drivers’, and both hosts and guests get to know each other and look forward to catching up with news and conversation.

In their own words:

‘Contact the Elderly is the only national charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people through face to face contact.
Supported by a network of volunteers, the charity organises free monthly Sunday gatherings for small groups of older people, aged 75 and over who live alone. Offering a regular and vital friendship link every month’.


I so recommend others to get involved – follow the link and find out more about becoming a host or driver. When I enquired, Contact the Elderly already had one tea group set up in our locality. After a short wait, sufficient ‘hosts’ and ‘drivers’ had come forward, and the Horsham 2 tea group was formed!

Most of the guests in our group (and their drivers!) have lived in the area for many years – decades… So it’s so absolutely fascinating to discuss changes over time to Horsham & the surrounding villages, and hear their perspective on developments in terms of facilities, and the environment. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to just catch up with each other – a quality afternoon for all, I hope!

If you think you can join in a local Sunday Tea group, do follow the link below to find out more. I urge you to get in contact with Contact the Elderly – you won’t regret it, and nor will your local prospective guests!


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