Off to Pastures New!

After a wonderful two and a half months growing faster than Jack’s Beanstalk, & dizzily playing like nursery children in a school playground, six of our beautiful flock have gone off to their new homes.

Amber and one of her two beautiful ewe lambs

Too early for lambs to leave alone, two sets of ewe twins went, with their mums, to their new home in Cranleigh.  A short ride away, they obediently emerged from the trailer , looking slightly surprised, when called.  They then began investigating the lush green grass in the first of their two new paddocks, opposite their new owner’s house.

I called them over to the other side of the field, and they came running.  Then got stuck into the job that they do so well; clipping the grass.  This time for their new owners, who were happily watching as their new charges settled in.

Gosh, I will miss them – having watched the ewes nurture their beautiful offspring with such attention and affection.  It has been such a privilege to see the young lambs, quickly transform from bandy newborns to  character-ful bags of life, skitting around the field with their peers then returning, every so often, to mum for some comfort.   They have grown faster than one could imagine, and I’ve watched them learn to trust me, coming excitedly when I call them.

However, I am so pleased that another home will have the pleasure of their delightful company, and the amazing experience of learning about Soay; the most special of sheep!


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1 thought on “Off to Pastures New!

  1. This is a very special …. really lovely.

    Beautiful to think about those little ones enjoying such a happy life in their little group….

    Lol xxx


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