Capel figure of 8 walk: 5+5m.

Newdigate Church - opposite the village pub; both very pretty and well maintained.
Newdigate church

This is a lovely, easy walk which includes bluebell woods, but is a treat for any time of the year. Capel is a pretty village just North on the A24, with plenty of parking – either on the main street, or near the cricket club and allotments. There’s an attractive, well maintained church and decent pub for a pit stop in both Capel, and Newdigate. Boots are recommended as it can get muddy and slippery in some parts. Perhaps save this one for another time if there has been heavy flooding.

Click here for a link to the complete walk. If planning to walk just 5 miles, start at 1 or 5.

Mangalica wooly pigs in Capel

Start the walk at ‘5’ & you may see a pair of wooly pigs who live just off Vicarage Lane.

Hungarian Mangalica pigs are truly astonishing; well worth a peep through the hedge!

A worthwhile variation / extension to the basic walk can include the stunning fishing lakes at Newdigate Farm Estates: such a tranquil, beautiful area. Click here for details of the fishing opportunities; how to buy a permit – or arrange a wedding in this stunning setting!

Another tangent to the walk can include passing the Dorking Brewery – a well run, friendly micro brewery which hosts many special events / music evenings and opportunities for tasting. Click here to visit their website – and it’s well worth visiting their processing plant, too!

Yesterday (Late October), I walked this route, including the Newdigate Farm Fishing ponds, first thing in the morning. Less colourful than earlier in the year, when the ponds had been rimmed with tall purple flowers and the hedgerow dotted with blossom. But as we enter Autumn, many bushes were heavily laden with plump red berries, and the watery light and immense peace of the landscape and pond areas was equally magical. I returned to the ponds just before dusk – a more monochrome sky, the day gently closing. The sheep had obviously had a busy day by this time & looked satisfied, cushioned on soft, full stomachs. Half an hour later it was dark, and the return, through the wood had lost its earlier sparkle & colours, but was equally atmospheric. Cracks of decaying twigs, and gentle hoots from the owls were a perfect precursor to Halloween.

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