Southwater & Madgelande Wood 9m circular walk

This ramble has a 150m stretch over the very busy A24, which isn’t fun. So care needed, and definitely not recommended if accompanied by a dog, or children. But before reaching the A24, the route is lovely. And after the crossing, well worth it. Picking up a decent pace through what seems in places like other-worldly, long forgotten woodlands will soon account for a fast heartbeat, rather than fear from dodging oncoming vehicles – the crossing will soon be forgotten!

Which Way?  Follow your nose... the Southwater & Madgelande Wood 9m circular walk.
There’s one right turn to watch out for – continuing to walk through the wood alongside a field on the left, rather than leaving the wood and walking into the field (4).

The small hamlet of Copsale (3.5 miles from Horsham) is an alternative starting point for this walk – park for free, just opposite the former pub, and cross over to join the Downs Link.

The Bax Castle pub is dog, family and cyclist friendly. A traditional pub, popular with locals & currently specialising in Pizza, with a thriving take away service set up for the C-19 lockdown period.

In the spring, you will enjoy bluebells and the heady aroma of wild garlic – late Autumn, the offering will be sloes – with some bushes that bear the biggest sloes I’ve ever seen; ideal for steeping. Perfect fortification for when winter nights are at their coldest, and Sloe Gin is the perfect bedtime tonic!

Beautiful fallen branches. Their bark still hanging eerily crisply as the softening wood quietly decomposes. Ancient, stiff sheets on an unmade bed. Abandoned long ago, now inhabited by minute bugs and beetles, successfully combining forces to break down that strong frame – once far more formidable than their own tiny forms.

Towering verdance now organic matter, gently returning to the ground – the beautiful cycle of life.

Find the route here. Enjoy!

Misty November morning… but it was bright, sunny warm by the time we finished the walk

Gincident... an incident which may have happened after one or too many gins have been consumed”

7 thoughts on “Southwater & Madgelande Wood 9m circular walk

  1. Looks really delightful, Emma. Hopefully one day we will be travelling again and will get to see family in this area.

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    1. That would be amazing – yes, one day! 🙂

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      1. My sister-in-law lives in Billingshurst and my mom-in-law lives at Knowle Park care home, so quite close to you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Very close! Let’s hope travel is possible very soon. x

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  2. Enticing walk in photographs


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