Kingsfold Bluebell walk: 5m / 8Km

A very special late April / early May walk, through bluebell woods and garlic valleys. Starting and ending at The Owl; our friendly local, with plenty of easy parking. The route passes through beautiful ancient woodlands, and crosses open fields which are likely to offer encounters with a variety of animals – miniature ponies, mellow cows, handsome horses and, of course, ubiquitous flocks of sheep.

Just beyond The Owl – an inviting path at the start of this varied Bluebell Walk

Wild garlic flowers a little later than Bluebells. Their pungent smell, though, is a tell tale sign that the woodland floor is soon to be carpeted with starry white heads.

The first wood, pictured above, opens out to a picturesque lake on farmland just beyond The Owl. A peaceful spot to sit and reflect. Or simply enjoy the reflections as passing by!

Passing through several farms, there may be close encounters with a variety of four legged friends!

Worryingly, early bees do not seem to be in such abundance this year as last. A reminder to leave the pesticides well alone, & allow grass to grow longer – we’re in ‘No Mow May’ just now, according to Plantlife!

This plump bee, transfixed by her chosen bluebell, was a welcome sight and posed patiently for the camera!

The mass of wild garlic in the image above will follow on from the bluebells; the full impact of their familiar, heady scent filling the wood in a week or two.

In lighter ground to the edge of the woodland, early flowering garlic mingles with their dainty blue cousins.

The depth of the vegetation underfoot illustrates how important ancient woodland is. It takes hundreds of years to create the irreplaceable, complex habitat that it provides.

Sussex bluebell walk
Sussex bluebell walk

The years of decayed matter, and multitude of organisms that live within it can not be replaced instantly by simply planting new trees. Something to think about when considering projects such as HS2.

The start and end of this rich and varied walk crosses local farmland with wide, open skies.
The Oaks West Sussex self catering self contained accommodation in a beautiful setting

11 thoughts on “Kingsfold Bluebell walk: 5m / 8Km

  1. Two years ago we were in England and Scotland in May and I fell in love with bluebells! I have so many pictures of them it’s crazy! That walk seems absolutely perfect to me. The bee capture is fab – they are hard to capture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so right – bluebells are very special… I was on a 12 mile this morning, and the beautiful bluebells have given way to rivers of wild white garlic (very aromatic!!) and swathes of breezy cow parsley – so pretty! Thank you for your visit and memories!


      1. I have never seen wild garlic but I bet it smells heavenly! I think I recall what cow parsley is. Sounds like a great walk. I only did 2 km – now I am feeling like a slacker!


      2. Oh no – everything counts; no slackers!! Cow parsley is my favourite flower – so airy and delicate, but actually very determined; it grows in the poorest of soils & conditions! Enjoy your walks 🙂


  2. Beautiful. The bluebells are in bloom here in Cornwall as well–and the wild garlic. I can’t pass wild garlic or the Cornish leek without wanting a pizza, though.


    1. Absolutely, Ellen – I am gluten free, but it still makes me think of the garlic laiden dough balls that a particular pizza restaurant serves! Thanks for visiting!


  3. Another enticing walk. Now I know where wild garlic belongs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Derrick… it’s certainly a heady smell; very different to the bluebells!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, fabulous. And you’re right. Nothing beats ancient woodland. It can’t be replaced by a few saplings and good PR.

    Liked by 1 person

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