Hilly 9.5m / 15.5km coastal circular: Seven Sisters, Friston Forest & East Dean

On a bright winter’s day, there can be few better places to be than overlooking the sheer cliffs out to the broad, calm seascape at the South Coast’s magnificent Seven Sisters. Those sisters are challenging, though, so it’s not an encounter for the fainthearted!

Due to the very steep drops, which could be hazardous in frozen or very wet weather, the route is likely to take longer than expected. But on a bright day, whether in the midst of winter or not, you’re likely to pass others who have removed what they thought would be essential layers of outer clothing: the sharply undulating Seven Sisters offer a significant workout. Their extensive vistas, both out to sea and back across the shrubby landscape, contrast sharply with the heavily forested, straight stretch of the walk – flanked either side by equally straight, tall trees; enveloping the path.

On an unexpectedly bright January day the sky sparkled with unseasonably warm rays, glistening on the still, glassy-looking sea.

Frozen ground and icy drops on decaying vegetation along the walk.

But along the darker, tunnel-like forest stretch, icy ground and deeply frozen vegetation lined the route, leaving a markedly damp chill in the air.

Seven Sisters – basking in winter sun!

For the full directions, see Fancy Free Walks, here.

The starting point is around an hour’s drive South. Make a day of it, with late lunch at the very hospitable Eight Bells in Jevington, who justifiably won a 5* Trip Advisors Travellers Choice award in 2021 for their welcome and very decent, homemade pub grub; traditional, with an inspired, zingy modern twist.

Barack Obama:

“You have to exercise, or at some point you’ll just break down.”

5 thoughts on “Hilly 9.5m / 15.5km coastal circular: Seven Sisters, Friston Forest & East Dean

  1. The frozen vegetation is very beautiful as you’ve captured it, Emma. Love the sparkle. I always wanted to do the Seven Sisters, and have a lovely blogging friend who lives nearby on the south coast. I gather it’s pretty strenuous so I might need a few stops.

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  2. Beautiful photos Emma 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you – it was such an amazingly sparkling January day!!

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  3. Marvellous! You’re whetting our appetite for a trip south.

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