More Harvest: 2019 Grape Juice

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Do not measure success by today’s harvest. Measure success by the seeds you plant today’. Robert Lewis Stevenson

Anti-oxidants galore

We have a vine winding its way across the front of the main house – producing small black grapes. I intended to make jelly, but decided on a high antioxidant drink instead, and made copious quantities of grape juice., with the help of my trusty Vitamix. Some for the freezer, and lots just for drinking – to keep the colds away as Winter approaches 🙂

‘Gardener’s Delight’, ‘Sun Baby’ (yellow) & ‘BlackCherry’

Harlequin Tomatoes

We grew tiny red, yellow and black tomatoes this year – all cropped well. I learnt that tomatoes grow better in pots that aren’t black, as the roots can overheat in the sun. Home grown toms are such a luxury; I’m savouring our last bowl of the season – as near to Sweets as I will ever get!

‘Home grown’ potpourri: Keep topped up with rose oil & it will look and smell wonderful

Home grown room fragrancer

Our wild deer and rabbits have not yet acquired a taste for roses, and this year has been a great one for repeat flowering, so I have lots of dried petals. For a seasonal touch, I’ll add cinnamon sticks and orange peel studded with cloves to the bowl at Christmas, but other than that, keeping topped up with Rose Essential Oil does the trick. Best to buy it from a shop (I’ve had a few bad internet buys of oils, which I haven’t even dared pour down the sink for fear of upsetting the bugs in our bio-digester…!)

All Kale & lettuce is rabbit proofed in the kitchen garden opposite the Annexe!

We still have aubergines, chillis, cut & come again lettuce and herbs, (other than basil, which has finished for the season) to harvest. Curly Kale is one of my favourite vegetables, and full of vitamins, fibre, and even protein – I’ve planted young plants and look forward to harvesting later in the Autumn, and through the winter months: delicious!

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  1. Enchanting and beautifully written .


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