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2020: will this be the decade of true progress in worldwide environmental issues? It needs to be, if we are to continue to enjoy our ‘wonderful world’.

We postponed our family Christmas celebrations this year until Boxing day due to family work schedules. So took the opportunity, on what must have been one of the sunniest winter days of 2019, to have a wonderful, long – and very muddy walk. Revelling in the myriad of gifts that nature has given, all around us.

Knepp Estate

Having learnt a lot about ‘Rewilding’ our local 3,500 estate at Knepp was the perfect destination. A remarkable project, on our doorstep – and a stunning natural mix of habitats. Home to a variety of ‘free roaming herbivores’ including majestic Red Deer, magnificent Long Horn cattle, enormously tubby Tamworth pigs and shaggy Exmoor ponies. Free willed as well as free roaming, we tried to stick to the footpaths as requested, but did have to make a very small diversion as a huge stag clearly was not going to move from one pathway, and you don’t argue with an 8′ + stag! Similarly, a family of Longhorns took some time before moving to the side of the path so we could drive off the estate – I finally worked up the courage to pass them, fully aware that one of their fine horns could scrape a deep trench all the way along our new car … but all was well.

Just 20 minutes away, it is certainly worth a visit – but take your wellies! Click here for an online map of public footpaths & bridleways crossing the stunning estate.

After 4 hours of rambling, we drove the 20 minutes back to The Oaks for a very late Christmas Day lunch – as simple and ‘back to nature’ as the day had been. Time for feasting on Boxing Day. Christmas 2019 was about celebrating nature, and how lucky we are to live surrounded by it.

Sunset on Christmas Day

‘Red Sky at Night’bodes well for the future 🙂 . Let’s hope it can be a kinder life for us all.

Let’s hope the 20s see real progress towards a kinder life for all, and understanding of the importance of appreciating our finely balanced natural environment. Rewilding parts of the british countryside is one interesting step – more details here, & elsewhere on the web… well worth thinking about!

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